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Weigh-in and the sickies

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 194.4
Current weight - 194.4
Difference - lost 0 pounds

Total weight lost -50.6

I got a new scale this week which I'm thrilled to see shows the same weight as I get on and off it. Not like my old scale that I'd have to stand on a dozen times to get a consistent reading. Problem is the new scale weighs me about half a pound higher than my old scale. My sister-in-law Kim warned me about this when she got her new scale a few months ago. So "technically" I have a half a pound loss this week, but since I was so awful with my eating I'm going to take the week as staying the same so that I can switch to my new scale and throw out the other one.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in our house. Last week I was sick. Gracie woke up Wednesday morning screaming. Jim took her to the ER and she has a sever double ear infection. She's doing better now. This morning Jacob came in my room saying his stomach hurt. An hour or so later I was cleaning puke off the wall and floor in the bedroom. He finally got the flu bug that's been going around his school. It wouldn't be so bad but we were supposed to host my families Thanksgiving dinner here today. I called my Mom at 7 a.m. and asked if she would host instead. Of course she said yes and we let everyone know about the change in venue. This is a nasty bug so we decided we would stay home instead of risking getting the others sick. It's really disappointing because I'd been looking forward to the meal at our house, but I'm trying to keep things in perspective. Take care of my little ones and help them get well.
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