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Totally Off Plan

I'm feeling much better today. I'm still having some dizziness, but overall things are getting better.

I am however totally off my program. I've used being sick as an excuse to not track and eat pretty much whatever I want and I haven't exercised all week. I feel gross.

Last Thursday I stayed late at the office and missed dinner at home. I had to stop at a friends house before going home so I decide to stop at a drive thru. I can't remember the last time I ate dinner in my car. McDonalds was the only thing on my way. I got a quarter pounder with cheese value meal. I remember the first thing I thought when I picked up the sandwich was how heavy it was. I pretty much shoved it down, not enjoying any of it. I didn't like the texture of the meat or the flavor. I was tired and dizzy and just wanted to get home without getting in an accident. I thought getting some food in my stomach might help me feel better. It didn't. I remember shoveling in the fries as I drove down the highway. About half way through the fry box I stopped and said to myself "these don't even taste like real food!" They didn't, they didn't task anything like potatoes. I threw the rest of the fries in the bag and put the bag on the floor. It makes my stomach hurt just typing all this. It was a low point. I should have just waited until I got home to eat.

I feel better having written all this. I'm ready to start over now. I know I'm way over in points for this week and probably  won't get any exercise in before Friday. And there's this little thing called Thanksgiving coming up. I need to do some serious thinking and get a plan together for this weekend. I know I'll have a gain, but I can control how big that gain becomes. I can plan out my points for Thursday and Fridays dinners. I can ease my way back into exercise. I must take this as a learning experience. I will get sick again and next time I'll be better prepared to handle it.
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