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Random Thoughts for 6:30 a.m.

Do you ever go to bed excited to fall asleep because you know you'll be awake soon with a whole new set of WW points and you can eat again? That was me last night. I'm looking forward to my bowl of vanilla yogurt and cereal. I might even make a smoothie if I have time.

The scale shows I'm under 200 pounds again. Woo Hoo! Just in time for my weigh-in tomorrow. I'd love to post a non-gain tomorrow, but I'd be happy with the 199.8 I showed just now.

Have a great day everyone. It's sure to be a crazy one for me - super, super busy at work getting ready for our big annual event in two weeks, parent/teacher conferences for both kids, homework, dinner, Zumba, shower, bed.
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