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NSV and Their Positive Effects

I don't have a lot of vivid childhood memories, but one of the few I do have is sitting at Mass on Sundays with my family and the monthly all school Mass at my Catholic school. The church I grew up in had this awful carpet and instead of pews the parishioners sat in equally ugly chairs. My memory is of sitting in the chairs as a little girl and having my legs dangle over the edge of the seat. I remember wishing my legs were longer so that they reached the ground and I could cross them like my mom and the older girls in my school did. Isn't it silly what we wish for when we're little.

So one of the disadvantages of being overweight is you can't cross your legs. Sure,  I could kind of cross them when I was heavier but it was more like resting my ankle on my knee.

I'm not sure when I was able to cross my legs properly again. I was sitting at McAlisters today doing some reading after I ate my lunch and I realized I wasn't sitting very lady like and then I crossed my legs under the table. That was something that was unheard of 50 pounds ago. Nonscale victories always give me a little boost - even ones that I reached awhile ago.
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