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Food Snob

I went to Kroger on Monday because our kitchen was empty. I can't count the number of times I picked something up, read the label and put the product back on the shelf.


You know how you've always heard the wellness tip of shopping on the outside lanes of the grocery store? That's what I'm doing now. It all happened so gradually. First it was a trip to Whole Foods, then it was checking out some organic products and now it's avoiding high fructose corn syrup. I'm having a really hard time buying food for my kids that I know isn't good for them.

Thing is I didn't come home with much from Kroger. I have my staples - organic yogurt, Kashi cereal, Kashi granola bars, hummus, triscuits, low-fat pretzels, Kashi frozen meals, organic spaghettio's for Gracie, fruits and veggies, eggs, bagel thins and that's about it.

I need to get a little more adventurous at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and try out some new products. I think Whole Foods has recipes on their web site. I just don't know where to start.

I haven't done any Clueless in the Kitchen blog posts in awhile. I'd loved to hear your recipes with products from Whole Foods and Trader Joes if you've got them. They need to be super quick or something I can make on the weekend that I can freeze.
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