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Class Reunion


Last night Jim and I went to an informal class reunion. There were about 30 of us from the class of '93 that got together. We both had a really nice time catching up with many of our classmates that we hadn't seen in seven years since our last reunion.

I know that reunions can be a hard time for a lot of people because they're not the same size as they were in high school. I remember feeling that way at our ten year reunion.

This get together was only planned a few weeks ago and I'm happy to say my reaction to the invitation was excitement. Had this reunion been a couple of years ago I might not have even gone because of my weight. I was excited to go shopping for a new top; something I would have dreaded a couple of years ago.

As I've mentioned before in my blog, my weight loss has given me more confidence and just made me more outgoing overall. At our ten year reunion I sat a the same table the whole evening and only talked to the people that came by our table. Last night I broke out of my comfort zone and mingled around the room by myself. It was really nice to talk to everyone.

So, here's what I wore:
I got the top earlier this week at JC Penny for $14 - it was 65% off :) It didn't photograph very well, but I thought it was super cute and flattering. I also wore Razzle Dazzle earrings from Premier Jewelry that I borrowed from my Jewelry Lady. (My jewelry is scheduled to come in this Wednesday and I'm besides myself with anticipation.) I got compliments on the earrings too - I'm going to buy these at the next jewelry party I go to.

I talk pretty openly on Facebook about my weight loss journey and having lost 50 pounds in the last two years. I had several people last night congratulate me on my accomplishment and talk to me about wellness. It made me feel really good and very proud.

Two of my closest friends from high school - Beth and Maureen
Me and Jim - I love this photo of us!

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