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Weigh In - And a Wonderful Night

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 201
Current weight - 199.6
Difference - lost 1.4 pound

Total weight lost - 45.4

Earlier in the week I had posted a question on Facebook asking my friends which steakhouse Jim and I should go to on our anniversary. We decided to go with the majority and try Morton's Steakhouse which neither of us had been to.

We dropped off the kids at my parents and my Mom took this photo of us.

We made our way downtown to the restaurant where they pulled out the table for us so we could cozy into the booth. I looked down on the table and saw this.

Such a nice touch!

Jim told me he had something for me. I was not expecting this at all, especially since he had gotten me beautiful flowers delivered to my office today. Then I saw him pull this out.

He had started the scrapbook with a personal letter that quickly had me in tears and they continued to fall as I turned the pages and saw the photos he picked out. When I got to the page in the photo directly above I looked at Jim and said "what's this?"

I recognized the stationary from our good friends Jody and Kevin's house and I thought maybe Jim had put together some souvenir type papers together of people's invitations and maybe some old notes I had written him. I pulled out the first paper and glanced down at the bottom and saw that it was signed by Jim's best friend Jeff and his wife and our good friend Tangela. I realized all the papers in the pocket were notes from our family and friends wishing us a happy anniversary. It was just too much. The fact that Jim came up with this idea because he knows me and knew that I would love it, plus the fact that our friends had added to our special day meant so much to me.

I absolutely loved the gift and will remember it for the rest of my life. After I dried away the tears and looked through the book a second time I was able to hear the story of how Jim was able to pull off the surprise. I'm usually pretty good about figuring stuff out but I had no idea that he had any of this going on. He told me about "fake meetings" he had last week and how he had gone over to Jeff's house for what I thought was to watch the Colts game but it was actually for Tangela to help him with the scrapbook. And our friend Tracey met Jim at Archivers to help put the pages together and he said all the ladies in the store were just swooning over him when they found out what he was doing. Jim even had the girls in his office in on it helping him out. It is such a great story.

My sister-in-law Kim and brother Erick sent this photo collage from Maryland for the scrapbook (I had to take this with my phone, my camera battery just died).

After all the excitement was over. I lifted my head a little to see if anyone had been watching. Luckily it was pretty empty in the restaurant and no one was looking. I recomposed myself and Jim and I studied the menu and listen to our waiter Matthew tell us about all the wonderful food.

We started with lobster bisque and french onion soup which were both amazing.

For dinner I got the lump crab cakes. They were fabulous.

Jim got the porterhouse. I had a few bites and it was amazing.

We finished off our fabulous dinner with this amazing dessert compliments of Morton's. It was heaven.
It was a great dinner and such a wonderful surprise from Jim. Matthew took our photo and came back with this keepsake that I will add to the scrapbook.

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