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Put Down the Fork Already

Three times in the past three days I've eaten to the point that I've been uncomfortable. I've planned out what I was going to eat according to my Weight Watcher points and when I've gotten to the point that I was full, I kept eating. Why is it that these things that seem so simple are sometimes the hardest things to change about ourselves?

My first example was an early dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory on Saturday evening. I've been wanting to go there with the kids for several years and we finally went there after going to the ZooBoo with the grandparents (ha - excuse to show photos of the kids:)

Death Eater and Princess Giselle

Jim and I must have been a sight - I was on my phone trying to find nutrition info before the waiter came back for a third time to take our order. I ended up getting the spaghetti with marinara and mushrooms which I found online to be around 10 points. I had the points available so I felt good about it. But there is something still in my brain that is messed up when it comes to portion control. I had the plate of pasta in front of me, knew that I could eat it all and so I ate every bite until it was gone although I could have easily been satisfied only eating half.

Dinner on the trolley at Old Spaghetti Factory

Last night I fixed a quick dinner of organic chicken nuggets and fruit for the kids and popped in a Kashi coconut lemon chicken dinner for myself. Gracie is my slow eater so I was sitting with her until she finished. She actually was close to being done and I still had half of my meal left so I started shoveling it in. I wanted to finish at the same time as her so I could turn Alvin and the Chipmunks back on for her and I could clean up the kitchen and get started preparing for the school week. As I was eating the last couple of bites I realized I didn't even really want them. I was forcing it down. Why? Seriously, it seems so silly to even write this. It must be the years and years of how I've always done things and this is one area I haven't re-taught myself yet.

Last example, today I went to McAlister's for my spud ole with veggie chili. It's been awhile since I've had it and I was really hungry. Usually I eat all the insides and then about a quarter of the skin, but today it was baked perfectly so I started cutting the whole giant spud up and eating it skin and all. It was so good. Once I got about half way through I realized how full I was getting and was wondering if I was going to be able to eat it all. Because, of course I would need to eat it all - no reason to waste the points I had already accounted for. I got to the last quarter section of the potato and I realized how ridiculous I was being and I put the fork down.

For the next three hours I was really, really uncomfortable. No, really - that was the must uncomfortable I've been in a really long time. I just felt so full. What a gross feeling.

The thing is I used to eat that potato and a giant cookie and still be hungry. Everything is getting smaller ...

My stomach has to be getting smaller
My daily points have gone from 30 to 27 in the past month
My Zumba workout points have gone from 8 to 7 in the past couple of weeks

It's time my mind catches up to what is obviously going on around me.

I'm still feeling pretty full right now. I'm so anxious to get to Zumba tonight and work some of this potato off. I'll feel so much better after I'm sure.


The more I think about this now, I wonder if this new medication I'm on has anything to do with this uncomfortable feeling I'm having. I assumed if I noticed any effects that it would be a lack of hunger, not a feeling a fullness. What do you guys think?

My adorable kids at the pumpkin patch yesterday.
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