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Pretzels, Appetite Suppressants and New Photos

The scale hasn't budged all week. I'll wait until tomorrow to be nervous.

Today's post will consist of a couple of random thoughts and some recent photos.

Monday night after I got home from the gym and ate dinner, Jim and I sat down to watch the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire (love this new show). I was still hungry and had some points left over so I grabbed our bag of low-fat pretzels and roasted red pepper hummus. Good news is Jim finally tried the hummus and he likes it. Bad news is I didn't count out my 18 pretzels that made up one serving.

I never do this. I always count it out. Instead I just ate enough until I was satisfied. Personally this does not work for me. I didn't think anything of it until I was entering my points into Weight Watchers yesterday morning and I had to guess how many servings I ate the previous night. Lesson learned.

My other random thought is that both my neurologist and the pharmacist mentioned to me that one of the side effects of my new cluster headache medicine is weight loss. Both times I was told this I just looked at the men with blank stares on my face. I don't know how to feel about it.

Previous to my weight loss I would have been super excited about the possibility of pill helping me lose weight. Now, not so much. I want to do this on my own. I don't like the idea of this medicine messing with what I'm doing. Hmm. Not sure about this one. It's only been two days and I haven't noticed any difference in my appetite yet. On the headache front I did have one headache yesterday which wasn't too bad and I woke up with one this morning. I've lowered my dose of Alieve, but am still taking it. I'll keep my head up though.

Ok, I noticed I hadn't posted any photos of myself recently. Here's one I took yesterday at work. This is my favorite dress right now. It's funny, one of my co-workers always compliments me and she does it in the most random way that I'm usually caught off guard but end up with a huge smile on my face. Yesterday I was in a co-workers office talking to her and another staff person asking a question about one of our speakers and mid-way into the conversation she looks at me and says - "by the way when I saw you this morning it looked like you lost 50 pounds over the weekend." She cracks me up.

And I was feeling pretty good on Saturday morning when I was getting ready for Zumba so I snapped this photo. (Ignore the messy mirror)

´╗┐It's pretty easy for me to make it to Saturday morning Zumba because our kids have swim lessons right before it starts so I'm already going to be at the Y. Here are my cute kiddos ready for lessons last Saturday.

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