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Dress Shopping Fun

I have a Simon gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I did some dress shopping at Macy's the other day. I didn't buy any of these but it was fun to pick dresses that I thought were cute and try them on and most of them looked pretty good. This is a far cry from my experience back in June (which was nearly 20 pounds ago). Most of these dresses were size 14 :)

Our anniversary dinner is tomorrow night so I might buy one of these dresses tomorrow. I don't know though. Are there any clear favorites?

This was a really cute sweater dress I tried on. I could probably pull this off with some major spanx help.

This dress was too tight on bottom, but I love the way it looked on top. I'm so excited to wear cute tops next summer.

This looked cuter in person

Too hippy. I needed to stand to the side like I did in the other photos ;) 

I think this one looks the best, but I'm not really a ruffle girl.

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