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The Best 10 Years of My Life

Once upon a time there was a funny boy who caught the eye of a shy girl and they became friends.

They liked to talk about music, eat Little Debbie snacks and laugh.
 And then they graduated from high school and went off to college.

But they stayed in touch all year. She would send him Ren & Stimpy post cards and he would come and visit her at school. And then he got her a job working at the summer camp he grew up at.

And they fell in love.

And so they dated for six years.

And then one day the best friends got married.

And to put the finishing touches on their happily ever after, they started a family.


Wishing a very happy tenth anniversary to my best friend Jim today. I love you. Thanks for my beautiful flowers.

AND as promised. Here are photos of me in my wedding dress :) I think it actually fits better now than it did ten years ago.

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