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Weigh In - So That's Why I Gained

Weigh-in Day

Previous weight - 205.8
Current weight - 206.8
Difference - gained1 pound

Total weight lost - 38.2
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the scale has been up all week. I was confused as to why since I had stayed within my points all week. I got on the scale this morning and was disappointed to see I gained one pound. My first gain since July 9. I knew that if I had a gain this morning I would take a look at my points for the week and see if there was something that could show me where the gain came from. Especially since I had ended the week with an extra 17.5 points. That should have given me around a pound loss.

I found where the gain came from. And then some.

My first mistake was that I figured the points for White Castle wrong. Actually, my first mistake was going to White Castle. Gross, I know, but Jim and I were looking for somewhere to eat on Friday night and we both saw the sign for White Castle, looked at each other and knew that's where we were going without a word being said. My food mistake was user error. It was a pretty big one. I entered the serving size instead of the calories. HUGE mistake. I had calculated 10.5 points for my meal and it actually was 25. Ouch.

Next mistake was using an unofficial Weight Watchers point web site. The site said my Steak-n-Shake meal was three points less than it actually was. There are my extra 17.5 points down the drain.

Next up was the Starbucks hot chocolate I had on Monday that I totally forgot to account for. That's another 4 points. Now I'm in the red 3 points.

A couple of other things I noticed was I probably didn't estimate enough points for a pizza I had at a work lunch on Monday and probably ate more than 3.5 points worth of chips and cheese at Moe's on Wednesday. And just the fact that I ate out way too much this week.

So there you have it. I do feel better knowing why I gained. It still sucks, but I have someplace to go from here.
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