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Weigh-in and another Goodwill find!

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 206.8
Current weight - 205.8
Difference - lost 1 pound

Total weight lost - 39.2


I had another good day at Goodwill. I found a pair of jean Bermuda shorts in a size 16. We're going to Florida in a few months and I knew my size 20 and 22 shorts weren't going to cut it.

I also got this super cute brown Old Navy sundress while I was at Goodwill. It will be great for the beach. I love the look on my face. I know it's just because I'm looking at my camera on my phone to see if the shot is set up ok, but to me the look on my face says "strong, confident woman." Love it.

I have to say I'm really pleased with how my upper body is looking these days. Those 2 pound weights I wear at Zumba are really paying off. Most nights I have to take them off for a couple of songs because they're so heavy, but overall I can tell they make a huge difference.

Here's a good Goodwill shopping tip if you're interested and don't want to spend a lot of time looking through all the racks. Search the racks outside of the dressing rooms and the ends of racks on the floor first. That's where you'll find all the good stuff. Let the other shoppers find the nice brands. Most of the times when they try stuff on and it doesn't fit they just stick them on the end of a rack. Like the brown dress I got today. I found it on the end of the children's pants rack.
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