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How I'm Going to Get Out of This Pickle

So I find myself in a sort of a pickle this week. We went to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner on Saturday on a whim and I ended up way underestimating my points at dinner. This isn't a chain restaurant so I have to find similar dishes at other restaurants to figure out my points. When all was said and done and I entered the damage in my plan manager, this is what I was faced with.

Red numbers are never a good thing. Even with a 3 point walk on Friday and an 8 point Zumba session on Saturday I had a overall 11.5 deficit for the week (which had started on Friday). I do not like being in this position. Normally I would have just made sure I made it to all the Zumba classes offered this week to earn extra exercise points but the Sunday and Monday Zumba classes were cancelled because of the holiday. I did end up taking an hour walk on both Sunday and Monday with Jim and the kids which was really nice and earned me 6 points. I just got back from Zumba which was another 8 pts and puts me in the green again with 2.5 points.

Tomorrow we have Scouts so that just leaves me with Zumba on Thursday with a final point total of 10.5 for the week. Normally I have 20-30 exercise points at the end of the week. I'm really hoping I can pull off a loss this week. This has been a learning experience for sure. It's amazing how one meal can throw off your whole week. Although I did enjoy the food Saturday night this experience will keep me from over-indulging the next time we go back. I've also felt some new things this week because of this one meal. Last night at around 9 p.m. my points were all used for the day with no flex points available and I was hungry. I DID NOT like not being in control. I was hungry and was not willing to eat points I didn't have so I just went to bed. I don't like being in that position. I like always having the option to eat a lite snack if I need to because I always have extra exercise points available. The scale has been kind so far and there's always the chance I overestimated the Saturday meal. I should have a pretty good idea where I stand when I weigh tomorrow. Anyway, enough about that.

Two things I want to share from my four-day holiday weekend. First I made a dent in my personal goal for the month of September - to clean out closets and dressers. I switched over the kids school uniforms to the dressers downstairs and brought up the kid's play clothes to the dressers upstairs. Jim and I also cleaned out the pantry. Here's a before and after.

Where'd all the food go!

My most favorite part of the weekend was taking the kids to the art museum and walking around the art pieces in their 100 Acre exhibit outside. It was such a beautiful day and we just had so much fun. The kids were excited to do something they had never done before and I was in heaven with my camera. Here a few of my favorite shots.

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