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Family Time

I go through periods where I really, really miss my kids. I'm going through one of those times this week. I think there is a direct connection to Gracie and I having a lot of mommy and daughter time lately. She had two sleepovers at our house this past weekend where I spent a lot of time with her and her friends - shopping and doing crafts. Today I went to her school to volunteer for the Kindergarten Apple Day. I spent the morning with her and her classmates, then had lunch with her and then I had lunch with my 2nd grader Jacob. And then I went to work.

It was hard to go to work. To switch from talking about Hello Kitty and Tinker Bell to sitting in meetings about disaster recovery plans and phone calls to our printer.

So I knew I needed more family time tonight. I didn't want to sacrifice exercising today so I found a way to have both. Jim and I walked and the kids rode their bikes to their school's playground. It was fun and just what I needed. Here are some photos from today's adventure.

I was super hungry when we got home so I threw together some spaghetti and a new sauce I got at Whole Foods. It was delicious. We just got the kids to bed and I think I'm headed there myself.

Update - added 9/15/10
If you were wondering after reading my Monday post, I did go to Zumba on Monday night and it felt great. Also, I checked this morning and the walk to the kid's school from our house is almost 2 miles round trip.
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