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Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 215
Current weight - 212.8
Difference - lost 2.2

Total weight lost - 32.2

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I've been stuck in the house the past two days. When I picked up Gracie on Wednesday she was asleep on my mother-in-law's couch so I knew something was wrong before I even put my hand on her burning forehead. We were hoping it was just what her cousins in Maryland had last week - 24 hour fever, but Gracie is going on 48 hours now.

I stayed home with her yesterday using a sick day and I had already had today schedule as a vacation day so that worked out well. I was just laying in our king size bed reading stuff on my phone about 20 minutes ago and Gracie came in and fell asleep next to me after I gave her some ibuprofen. Then Maggie, our pleasantly plump 10-year-old black lab hopped up on the other side of me and promptly fell asleep. Both girls were snoring and I was trapped in the middle afraid to move and wake either of them. I managed to escape a few minutes ago.

As you can see above I had a great loss this week. I was really excited when I saw the number on the scale yesterday. I've been doing everything right and it's coming so naturally to me now. I don't feel like I'm dieting, because I'm not, I'm just living my life with better choices now.

Today (when I thought Gracie was over the bug) we met Jim for lunch and then to Half Price Books to sell the kid's books. This was one of my August goals. We buy most of our books there. I was really hoping that we would get a good pay off for the two laundry baskets of kids books I brought in but we only got $7. I'm guessing it was about 10 cents a book. I'd have better luck selling them at a garage sale. I was disappointed, but Jacob is putting his half of the money towards his purchase of Lego Harry Potter for Wii We have a chore chart for him that's he's been working on to earn the money.

After we said bye to Jim the kids and I headed home. On a whim I asked the kids if they could be good if we went to Selective Seconds real quick. They said they could and they delivered. Jacob sat in a chair in the consignment shop reading his Wimpy Kid book while Gracie worked on a alphabet magnet board that the shop had. I did a quick spin around the store to see if there was anything I could get with the $10 I had on store credit from selling some of my clothes.

I found this super cute J.Jill jacket (size 16) for only $11 plus tax. I love consignment selling and shopping.

Saturday night date night has been on again off again. The latest is it's on again after Jim's night out with the guys fell through and he lined up his sister to watch the kids. We are going to my favorite restaurant Vito's and going to see Inception (I've avoided all spoilers for this movie and am looking forward to finally seeing it). Can't wait.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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