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Vacation Update and Whole Foods Review

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 215.8
Current weight - 215
Difference - lost .8

Update on Vacation
Wednesday morning Kim and I tried Zumba at her gym. Neither of us were impressed much. Me because I've been taking Zumba at my YMCA for nearly a year and I'm set in my ways and like my instructors and their routines. Kim would have been really surprised if she liked it. I think she is going to stick to her spin and group power classes. She's talking about picking up some turbo kick classes this fall. I'm anxious to hear what she thinks of them.

The rest of Wednesday was pretty relaxing. Kim and I both got in a little nap while her youngest was taking her nap and then we took the kids to the pool.

Jim got in very late that night after his flight was delayed because of weather. My brother picked him up and when I saw Jim walk in the door he looked so skinny. He's down 15 pounds and it's really starting to show in his face.

Yesterday was a marathon day. We got up early and headed to Washington D.C. on the Metro.
Katherine and Gracie on the Metro

Kim's sister Kelly took us on a tour of the Capitol and was able to get us access to a couple of pretty awesome views. Check out these photos.

We had lunch and hopped back on the Metro. We went to see the White House which was really cool even though the walk to it was really, really hot. We were all feeling the heat.

We spent the rest of our afternoon at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. We actually had to wait about 10 minutes (or so it felt like) to get inside and I think the grown ups were starting to question our decision to go out on such a hot day, but we finally made our way in just as some ominous clouds started to show up. Apparently we missed a wicked storm while we were inside the museum.

We got off to a rocky start fighting the crowds inside and decided to stop for a snack. The kids were much better after and we were able to see some really neat exhibits.

Today should be another relaxing day. Jim and I are planning to take the kids to the pool this afternoon. We have one more full day of vacation and then will head home Sunday morning. It always seems to go so fast.

Whole Foods
Kim, the kids and I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from lunch on Monday. I had never been and I wanted her to show me around a little so it would be less intimidating to me when I go at home (there's one by my office). She showed me a lot of the items she buys and why and I was inspired. I knew I wanted to make the switch from the Fiber One granola bars I eat everyday because they include high maltose corn syrup. Kim introduced me to Kashi Go Lean Crunch bars which taste just as good and have similar point values. I'm also going to try to switch to organic peanut butter and try some of their kid-friendly products in the kid's school lunches. I'm anxious to get started.
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