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Only two more hours in the car until we get home from vacation. We just left Wendy's and I'm so proud of my NSV (non-scale victory) that I wanna brag a little.

We were just planning to stop for Frosty's but decided to go ahead and eat dinner there. I typically don't do well in these situations when I have to order before I can disect the nutritional information.

I really wanted (and was very close to ordering) a single w/ cheese and fries (I looked it up just now - 20 WW points) but instead got a salad and Jr. cheese delux (9 points).

At one point I actually had a fry in my hand but I really wanted that Frosty so I put it down and kept myself busy listening to the aweful disco music and talking to the fam.

We went up to get the frostys after dinner and I was still debating the jr. frosty vs. the small. (Later saw the jr. is 3.5 pts. vs. 9.5 for small). Jim ordered the 3 jr. Frostys and the girl then began to upsell, saying the smalls were only 99 cents and she actually held up the tiny jr. cup next to the small cup to show how much more we would get for our money.

Jim looked at me, not sure what to do and I stuck to my guns and said "you can get smalls for the kids, but I want a jr. I don't care if it costs more."

At that point I felt like I could cave at any second so I got the keys from Jim and took the kids to the car.

Jim came out a few minutes later and I helped him pass the small frostys to the kids and he handed me my teeny tiny jr frosty.

But you know what, I enjoyed every bite of it. There was no shoveling it down before I would feel guilty about it like I would have done had I gotten the larger size. I took my time knowing that I had the calories left to eat it. I had the calories because I had made smart choices at dinner. Instead of the 29.5 pt. dinner I could have chosen I had a 12.5 pt. dinner that included a tasty treat.

What NSV did you have this weekend?

P.S. I can't believe I typed this post on my BlackBerry! My thumbs are tired.


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