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My August Goals

Day three of my vacation and I'm finally starting to feel recovered from the 10 hour drive. I slept in today which was awesome. My sister-in-law Kim, the kids and I had a very relaxing day of playing at the house and swimming at the pool for a few hours. Here's my favorite photo from today.

Gracie and her cousin Katherine in their coordinating Gymboree outfits.
 Jacob spent the entire day either playing Wii or playing Harry Potter or playing Harry Potter Wii dress as Harry Potter.

Kim and I have been having a lot of great wellness conversations already. I think we were both looking forward to our week together to give us that extra bit of spark that comes from talking wellness with others.

She's introduced me to a fabulous breakfast (that's she's made for me both mornings I've been here - love her) egg whites, turkey sausage patties on a whole wheat sandwich thin. It's so tasty, filling and only 3.5 WW points.

They made us salmon burgers tonight for dinner. We told Gracie we were having pink burgers. She actually tried it without prompting and gave us this in response:

A thumbs up from Gracie on the salmon burgers!!!
So I've been keeping up with my blog reading while on vacation and I've noticed a trend the last few months with bloggers posting monthly goals on their blogs. I think that's an excellent idea and I think that monthly goals are something that will help me with my wellness and personal goals.

So here goes:

  1. Track WW points daily.
  2. Lose at least four pounds.
  3. Exercise at least three times a week.
  4. Drink at least 48 oz of water a day.
  5. Limit Diet Dr. Pepper to two cans a day.
  6. Cut out one WW ice cream bar a week. 
  7. Read stories every night to the kids. 
  8. Game night once a week. 
  9. Take kids old books to consignment shop.
  10. Finish all laundry at some point during the month.
  11. Arrange two date nights. 
  12. Read every night before bed.
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