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More Office Temptations

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 211.6
Current weight - 209.6
Difference - lost 2 pounds

Total weight lost - 35.4

Today was a big weigh-in day for me. I'm in the single digits now - only 9.7 pounds until I'm under 200 pounds. Another biggie is my daily weight watcher point value has gone from 30 to 27 points. I'm excited that I've lost enough that the value has gone down. I'm confident I won't have a problem adjusting to the new point value. Since I've been eating better quality foods I'm not as hungry and I've been ending the day with 2-6 extra points. Funny thing is Jim's points went down today too. He went from 35 to 33 I believe.

I was making my lunch in the office kitchen just now and I noticed we had just gotten a shipment in of our snacks. Here's a photo sampling of what I've been tempted with the past ten years I've worked here.

We always joke with new staff that they will gain 10 pounds the first year they work here. I think I gained 20. Back when I started 10 years ago we had fresh donuts delivered to our office every day. I usually ate two chocolate glazed donuts each morning. Sometimes I'd go back for one after lunch if there were any left.

We don't have the donuts every day but we do have all this processed, high calorie crap pictured above. I used to eat stuff from these pictures every day. We also have Panera's brought in occasionally for meetings and the staff are welcome to the leftovers. That's why my office is my Safe Place. I just don't eat any of this stuff anymore. If I started I would have a hard time stopping. Especially with those boxes of tootsie rolls and Hersey Kisses (not pictured). Also, the M&Ms would be bad news. There's actually a candy dispenser right outside my office.

No money required.
Several times a day I can hear people cranking the lever to get M&Ms out. It's tough to ignore, but I do.

Anyway - I'm still obsessed with finding "in-between clothes" at Goodwill. I didn't have much luck this week. Here's a photo of me wearing one of the outfits I found last week.
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