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I Love My Scale and Other Sappiness

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 212.8
Current weight - 211.6
Difference - lost 1.2

Total weight lost - 33.4

I couldn't wait to get on the scale this morning. What a strange feeling. I knew I would have a loss and I was like a kid on Christmas morning running down the hall to see how big my presents were. Today I am at 211.6. That marks my lowest weight since I started in 2009.

Prior to today, my lowest weight was 212 in November of 2009. By June of this year I had put on seven pounds and I was frustrated. I was exercising and eating well. I was stuck. Two things happened to get me to 211.6 today.

First, I started this blog on June 10, 2010. I have my friend Kirsten to thank for that. I had been reading her From Inside to Outside blog since she posted a link on her Facebook page back in January 2010. I didn't read blogs before I started reading hers. But day-by-day I found myself checking her blog first thing in the morning to see if she had a new post. Kirsten and I met in high school and had lost touch soon after we graduated. Reading her blog made me feel reconnected to her. I had never met her husband or children but I felt like I knew them. A blog is a very powerful means of communication and this clicked for me.

Then I started reading wellness blogs and I became hooked. I started toying with the idea of starting my own. I told myself I would get around to it when I had time to really sit down and think about what I wanted to do. I don't remember what it was that gave me that push, but on June 10, I said screw it, went to blogger, created an account, looked at the screen prompting me to name my blog and typed in the first thing that popped in my head - I'm My Favorite. (I'm really, really happy with my blog name btw)

I had not planned to share my blog with family and friends but after I hit publish on my first post. I sat there realizing no one was going to see it. I had to promote it. I started with Facebook and the response I received was incredible. Next I shared it with my Zumba friends and I realized that many of them felt the same way I did about Zumba and wellness. And finally, I've reached out to readers I didn't know and have connected with you. I'm reading your blogs and finding inspiration in all of you.

My blog holds me accountable. I would feel like a fraud if I was writing about wellness and then going home and shoving cake and ice cream in my face. My blog has inspired other people. There is nothing better than having someone come up to me and say "I love your blog." My favorite experience so far was when I was talking to a new Zumba student at the end of class commenting on how I love seeing her smile through class and she responded that she loved my blog. She had seen the link I had posted on our Zumba instructors page and she was reading. I felt so proud. (Hi Chris :)

The second thing that happened was my husband Jim came to me wanting me to be his weight loss coach. It started out as me helping him, but he ended up giving me the kick I needed to get out of being stuck. Watching him begin the weight watcher program triggered memories of my own beginning. The newness of it, the excitement of watching the scale go down. Also, helping him with point calculations and his questioning of my tablespoon measurement of peanut butter (I was way off) was what I needed to get back to tracking points.

Then I just took off from there. For the past six weeks I've been tracking religiously. After a year of maintaining and then going up seven pounds, I have lost 7.4 pounds in six weeks. I'm on fire now. Nothing will stop me.

Things have just had a way of falling into place for me on my wellness journey. I'm so grateful for the week I had with my sister-in-law Kim at the beginning of August. The talks we had about wellness were so motivating. The information she taught me about processed food and buying organic have brought me to the next level. I'm eating real food now and I can feel the difference.

I'm also working out more consistently and knowing that it's paying off. I know now that this past year when I was working out and not losing it was because I was eating too much. Yes, the food was "good" food, but I was eating too much of it and my exercise was being wasted.

If I could bottle this up for you I would. For me, it was all about me being ready to make these changes in my life. No one could do it for me. No one could have encouraged me to do it sooner. I had to do it on my own terms.

But I couldn't have done it without all of you. I don't write this to sound sappy. It's what worked for me and maybe something I've written will be your ah-ha moment. Maybe that deep conversation with your friend about food and exercise is what you need, maybe having a partner to go through this together will help, maybe finding an exercise that doesn't feel like exercise is your missing ingredient.

I want you to be your favorite too!
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