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I Ate an Entire Cake

Well, it was only in my dream but still, you know how real dreams can be.

I had a dream early this morning that I was at my parents house and I walked several miles to a bakery, ordered a small cake and ate the entire thing by myself before I walked back to their house.

In my dream I knew eating this cake would put me over my points for the week and that I would have a gain but I could not stop myself. I just kept shoveling it in. I had no control and I was experiencing loads of guilt while not even paying attention to how the cake tasted. It was all about cramming it in before I could gain my control back and stop what I was doing.

It was a very stressful dream and I was happy when I woke up.

A couple of observations - this is all Leonardo DiCaprio's fault. I've been obsessing over dreams since seeing Inception Saturday night.

But seriously, I haven't had a scene like the one in my dream for a very long time. I can't remember the last time I ate something I knew I really didn't want to eat, knowing that it would keep me from my goals and not being able to stop. In my dream I was not able to stop. I think that's what scared me the most. For me it really is all about control.

I wonder if my subconscious was reacting to my eating on Saturday night. I went to my favorite restaurant and had a house salad, garlic bread and Chicken Marsala. My one regret was I ate all of the Chicken Marsala and I was so full after that I was uncomfortable for about an hour. Usually I only eat half and save the rest for the next day.

Sunday morning I entered my points on WW online and it was really, really high, but I had the points. I used all of my weekly points just on the chicken dish.

On WW this is ok though, I think this is where my dream came in - my brain is having a hard time understanding that my meal on Saturday was "ok" but on this plan it is. I will stay within my 30 daily points the rest of the week and I will get in three more days of exercise points (I went to Zumba Saturday and Sunday) and I will have a small loss on Friday.

I forgot to include my goals update this morning, so here I am adding it a little late ...

August Goal Update

  1. Track WW points daily. - Met.
  2. Exercise at least three times a week. - Met. I exercised four times this week.
  3. Drink at least 48 oz of water a day. - Met.
  4. Limit Diet Dr. Pepper to two cans a day. - Met. I did it and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
  5. Cut out one WW ice cream bar a week. - Met. No ice cream Saturday.
  6. Read stories every night to the kids. - Met.
  7. Game night once a week. - Met. We played Apples to Apples.
  8. Read every night before bed. -  Not Met. I think this is due to me not liking the book I'm reading - Corduroy Mansions. I'm 100 pages in and not invested at all. I think I'm going to abadon this book. It's been a long time since I've done such a thing.
  9. Take kids old books to consignment shop. - Met.
  10. Arrange two date nights. - One Met.
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