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Day of Firsts

Today was the first day of school so my mind has pretty much been on that all day. Jacob is in 2nd grade and Gracie is in kindergarten.

I did some shopping at Kohls on my lunch hour yesterday. I picked up this cute summer dress for our Florida trip in October. I hope to be rocking it by then. I haven't worn a dress like this since high school.

Looking at old photos I found this one of me on left from last year shortly after I started going to Zumba. There's only six pounds difference between the photos, which were taken nearly 12 months apart, but I can see where that six pounds was - it was on my waist. That's where I've lost the most inches.

218 (Sept. 2009) vs. 212 (Aug. 2010)

Zumba Corner
Zumba was great again last night. Trish's classes seem to be getting harder and harder. My favorite song/routine right now is Walk It Out. It's a intense meringue and arm work out and even more so with the 2.5 lb. weights I wear on each hand.
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