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August Goals Recap and New September Goals

My attempt at setting 12 wellness/personal goals for myself went pretty well in August. Let's take a look at how I did:

Met goal all four weeks/met monthly goal.
  1. Track WW points daily.
  2. Lose at least four pounds.
  3. Cut out one WW ice cream bar a week.
  4. Read stories every night to kids.
  5. Take kids old books to consignment shop.
  6. Arrange two date nights
Met goal three weeks
  1. Exercise at least three times a week.
  2. Game night once a week.
Met goal two weeks
  1. Drink at least 48 oz of water a day.
Met goal one week
  1. Limit Diet Dr. Pepper to two cans a day.
  2. Read every night before bed.
Still working on the "finish all laundry at some point during the month goal." I have two more loads to wash and a couple of baskets to put away.

My proudest wellness accomplishment in August was losing 6.2 pounds. My proudest personal goal will be the laundry goal once I finish it up before midnight tomorrow :) I'll post a picture once I'm done.

Looking back over the month, I think 12 goals was too many. I liked having both personal and wellness goals, but it was a bit overwhelming. I'd like to continue with the goal concept but I'm going to narrow it down.

My wellness goal for the month of September is to lose 4.8 pounds. Why 4.8? Because I have 9.6 pounds to lose until I'm in onderland before my ten year anniversary in October. And yes, I will be modeling my wedding dress once I hit onderland ;) So 4.8 in September and 4.8 in October. I have my eye on the prize and I need to keep my focus there.

I've mentioned before that I keep a yearly calendar taped to my office desk that I sharpie out the days I exercise.

In August I added a chart for how much I need to lose to get to onderland before my anniversary.

I think I will make my personal goal another housekeeping one. I liked having the entire month to work on the project, especially when it's a big project. I think I want to make my personal goal to clean out the closets and drawers in our house. Huge, huge project, but it needs to be done.

So what are your goals for September?
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