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My Weapon of Choice

If you know me personally, you know that I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper girl. I used to drink it all day long. Usually five or six cans a day. Fully loaded, none of that caffeine-free stuff.

I knew better though. I knew all that caffeine wasn't good for me. I know there's a bunch of information out there about the artificial sweeteners and the chemicals and what have you, but I didn't need to read all of that - I just knew it wasn't good for me.

I still drink a couple of DDP a day. Maybe someday I'll kick the habit entirely. We'll see.

I decided to make the jump to water after seeing a couple of my co-workers walking by my office several times a day to fill up there water cups. They weren't just any cups though, they had those tumblers from Starbucks with the hard plastic straws.

I knew if I had a fighting chance of making the switch to water it would be with this tumbler. It's true, for me at least, I drink more liquid when I'm drinking from a straw.

I had my friend pick up a tumbler for me from Starbucks since I don't drink coffee and it didn't take long for me to discover that I was right - this was the beverage container for me.

I know this isn't brain surgery or anything, but any little thing that makes changing bad habits easier is a winner in my book.

The other day I decided to get my fav Spud Ole with veggie chili at McAlister's Deli and when I stepped up to the counter I let out a big squeal. I saw in front of me a McAlister's tea tumbler just like my Starbucks one. The guy behind the counter asked if I was dining in and I blurted out "I want one of these!" (I really like McAlister's). Then I looked at the price and at $5 I was contemplating getting two.

I took my McAlister's tumbler with me to my conference last week and it really, really helped me get my water in. It's going on my permanent packing list.

How do you get your water?


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