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You're My Favorite

There's a thing I say when I'm having a really great time and someone else makes me feel happy. I say, "you're my favorite." It's a thing now. Depending on the situation and if cocktails are involved, "my favorite" may change several times in the course of the evening.

The thing is, I have never been my favorite. My story is nothing new. Emotional eater, lonely eater, secret eater = low self-esteem.

I always thought "if I just lost weight I would like myself more."

Well, I did lose some weight with diet last year, but didn't feel differently about myself.

Then I discovered Zumba. Then I discovered that I loved Zumba. Then I discovered that I loved myself.

I want this blog to be about that journey of discovery. How looking at myself in the studio mirror during class helped me to really see myself and be proud of the person I am. How I became my own favorite.
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