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Turning 35

Jim and I were chatting on the side of the YMCA's pool last night while we watched the kids play. He told me one of his co-workers mentioned he noticed that it was my birthday on Facebook. Jim said that was right and told him I was 35. His co-worker asked how I was dealing with that.

(Until Jim was telling me about this conversation I honestly hadn't given one thought to 35 being kind of a big birthday. )

He told him I probably felt better about turning 35 than I had about turning 32 or 33.

He's right.

This birthday I feel healthy and am getting physically stronger. The fact that I was at the YMCA pool shows that I feel better than I did last year. Last year I dreaded going to the pool (and even shed some tears) because I knew we would run into people we know and I would be in a swim suit! Now, I'm good with it. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of the way I'm looking now.

How do you feel about your age? Are you experiencing the best years of your life?

Zumba Corner
There's no Zumba on Wednesday so I'm posting two of my Facebook friend's recent status updates:

From Ashley:
... I dug out some pants that I tried on about 4 weeks ago that were then so tight I put them away to try next season instead of in the bottom of my drawer with the clothes I thought might fit later in the summer. All the pants I put away actually fit perfect now!!! Yay zumba!!!

From Shannon:
Oh how I love that my pants aren't too tight anymore!!! Thank you Zumba and all my special Zumba friends!! I've still got a couple more sizes to go but I'm gettin there!
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