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Special Ordering Your Meal

Have you done this before? Given instructions on how you want your food prepared? I hadn't until last night. I felt really weird about it.

I've gotten back to counting weight watcher (WW) points this past week and ended up a pound down. I think that's pretty good considering we had several "food celebrations" for my birthday.

We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse last night. My WW week starts on Friday. I didn't want to blow all my Flex Points (the extra points I get for the week) on the first night so I looked up Outbacks nutritional information on my Blackberry while we were waiting for our table.

First off, if you ate an entire plate of cheese fries (I'm sure I could) it would cost you 73 WW points. I get 30 WW points a day. I don't think cheese fries are worth three and a half days of food. I would have been very hungry come Sunday afternoon.

I was looking at some suggested healthy options on another web site and it said the Shrimp Griller was 19 WW pts. That's kind of steep considering the Outback Special is only 1 pt. higher. Then I looked closer and saw that if you order the Shrimp Griller prepared without butter or glaze and you left off the rice and pineapple the point total when down to 3. Seriously 3!

I decided I was going to get the salmon and ask for the veggies to be prepared without butter. Like I said at the beginning, I felt really weird about it. I've been trying to figure out why. My guess is I don't like conflict? I don't want to be a burden? Why should I get special treatment? Where do these thoughts come from? It seems so silly as I type them now.

So it was my turn to order and I told the young woman I would like the salmon and could I please have the veggies without butter. She said sure - do you want the salmon without butter too? I was so relieved that she was offering this instead of me having to ask for it. I smiled and said yes.

I felt a couple of things after placing my order. I was proud of myself for the food choices I made. I ate everything on my plate and didn't feel guilty stealing a few bites of mash potatoes off Jacob's plate and mac-n-cheese off Gracie's (seriously, Outback has the best mac-n-cheese I've ever tasted).

The other thing I felt was envy. I was at Outback for crying out loud! Where were the cheese fries, the salad with ranch dressing, the entire loaf of bread covered in butter. Where was the bacon and cheese covered chicken and the chocolate thunder from down under!

What I remember the most about dinner last night was not the food. It was how much fun we had. Gracie was in her little ballet outfit from class earlier and she and I were in our serious menu coloring mode. Jim and Jacob were busy performing magic tricks for us. We smiled and laughed the entire time.

The key to my success last night was planning what I was going to eat before we even sat at the table. This has always been a danger zone for me. I need to plan to make smart choices.

Do you plan ahead when you eat out? Do you ask that your meal be specially prepared (not including for allergies)?

Zumba Corner
Friday is the other day that there is no Zumba. I still find myself in the Zumba classroom though. But not for me. For the prettiest girl in the whole world.

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