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The Skinny Photo


Me - 1994 - 19-years-old - skinny

I finally found my "skinny pictures" that I've been trying to find for a few years. I found them in a random box of photos the other day.

This is me at my lowest adult weight. All through high school I was around 140. These photos are of me before my second year of college. I had just spent the summer falling in love (collective "aw" please) and working at a summer camp where you get up at the crack of dawn, fall into bed at midnight and you never stop moving in between. At the end of that summer I had lost my "Freshman 15" plus some and weighed 130.

I remember vividly going to The Fashion Shop in Greenwood (I miss that store) and buying tops in size small. I know that red top in the photo above is a small.

I still have those cut-off jean shorts (awesome) in a box in my closet. I'm not saving them because I want to wear them again (I mean, come on - they're cut-off jean shorts) but it's more of a nostalgia reason for me. They represent that weight loss is possible and also they remind me of the best summer I ever had - with my husband and some of my closest friends.

~ And can I just point out how awesomely bad my place was in this photo above. This was my house on Dill Street at Ball State University. Look close ... Do you see what's on the living room floor? That's right - green shag carpet! My room was a one-room trailer that was attached to my roommate Maureen's bedroom. I had to walk through her room to get to the rest of the house. Best part about my room? red shag carpet! ~

So the photo on the left (or top - I still can't get this blog layout thing down) is my house at college and the photo on the right is my husband Jim's mom's house (isn't he cute!). Both photos were taken in the same month. Notice anything similar between the two photos besides me rocking the same jean shorts in both photos? I'm wearing a shirt around my waist! Now, I know it was the 90s and it was cool to do that, but I guarantee you I did that to try and hide my bum.

I'm telling you, if I weighed 130 pounds now I would not be walking around with an oversized shirt around my waist.

This photo was taken the next year after another summer of camp counseling. I had put on a little weight since the previous summer, but check out my arms! Now, those arms I do want to get back. (Again, isn't my husband so cute!)

Where are your "skinny pictures?" I know you have them! I think I might put mine on my nightstand. I've gotten into a bad habit of eating WW ice cream bars while I'm in bed reading and looking at these photos might motivate me to break that habit.

Zumba Corner
Last night was Kim's class. I was wearing my hand weights like I usually do and there was a new song were we have our arms straight out for a LONG time and I was about to rip the weights off and throw them on the floor. But I didn't. I like pushing through the pain. It feels good to think I can't do it for one second longer and then proving myself wrong. I'm starting to see some results from the hand weights. Jim even mentioned it when I was getting out of the car after class the other night. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the flabby under arm crap (no shake weight jokes please).


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