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Plan-Free Weekend

It's been forever since we've had one of these - a weekend without a dozen things on our agenda each day. I'm so excited to just hunker down with my family and have some good ole quality time together.

My Jacob is 7. I'm watching him get older and more independent every day and it's bittersweet. There's something so special and unique between a mother and son. We've always had a special bond. I need some Jacob-time this weekend. Maybe he and I can go on a lunch date together. Go to Half-Price Books and find a new series for him to read.

My monkey loves to read. (And climb walls and sit awkwardly)

Gracie Girl is 5. She's had a rough week. She's been staying up later at night and playing hard during the day and I think she's not getting enough rest. She's been losing her temper and has had a stubborn streak. She's also been very clingy with me lately. I think she could use some daddy time this weekend. I'll suggest that to Jim.

Jim and his princess.

And I think Jim and I will drag the kids along on one of our favorite things to do together - going to garage sales. We had some amazing success in the spring with some purchases we ended up selling on eBay which funded our summer vacation. We got burned-out on it though and the kids were absolutely done with sitting in the car for hours as we searched. It's been about a month since we've been out and we've got the itch again.

I'm also planning on going to the grocery story this weekend and working on healthy snacks for all of us. Jim has decided to jump on board the WW point bandwagon (more to come on that) and he actually said "I need more things like apples and bananas to snack on."

Exercise-wise, if the weathers not to hot I'd like to incorporate some family exercise to go along with our family weekend. Maybe an evening walk around our beautiful neighborhood.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. What do you have in store?

Zumba Corner
I skipped out on Zumba last night. Like I talked about above, I was really needing some family time and I really wanted to sit down and have dinner with my family.
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