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Let's Stop for a Snack!

I got my wish and we went to some neighborhood garage sales this morning.

We found some fun things - a vintage Yahtzee game, an old Royal Traveller make-up suitcase (my mom or grandma must have had one of these - it seemed very familiar to me) and a set of canary yellow Texas Ware.

Around 10 a.m. we started to hear some whining from the backseats. We were all getting a little hungry and decided we should stop for a snack.

In the past we would have stopped at a gas station for candy or even hit an ice cream stand. Today I suggested we stop at Phillip's Produce, a local flower/fruit stand. I've been toying with the idea of shopping local/organic, but don't feel educated on the subject enough yet. For instance, how "local" were these items that we bought today? The only sign we saw that was labelled local was for the corn. Even if it wasn't local, were we helping by buying local? Educate me please.

It was a quick trip, but it was pretty fun. We hopped out of the Jeep and Jim went for the fruit while I'll started picking out some corn. 30 seconds later I look over and Jacob has a strawberry quickly approaching his mouth. I pulled out the old Mom card and said in a sharp tone "Jacob Cecil put that down!" I went over and took the box of strawberries that we were now purchasing and an older gentleman that worked there said "go easy on him Mom." I actually laughed instead of being offended. I started looking at some bananas and he said "do you ever make banana bread?" I said "sure." He then quickly proceeded to gather up several bananas and say "I'll cut you a deal on these" and with a wink he took them inside the shop. I had no idea what just happened. Had I just agreed to buy a dozen bananas?

Jim grabbed some oranges and apples while I picked out a couple of avocados and we started to make our way inside. The old man came out again and saw Jim with a bag of bananas and sternly told him "put those back." Jim didn't know about our previous conversation (if you could call it that.) The old man said "oh, are you with her?" and Jim said "yes." He again told him to put back the bananas because he was cutting us a deal.

I corralled the kids inside and my old friend talks me into buying some romaine lettuce that's only 99 cents. Jacob is eyeing the raspberries in the fridge and Gracie is picking up several packs of flower seeds and I take that as my cue to get the kids back into the Jeep.

This all took place in about five minutes. Jim came out to the car with the box of produce and joined me in the front and started handing out our snacks. He started laughing and asked what that was all about. I still don't know what the deal I got on the bananas was or why we couldn't get any ripe ones, but it was still fun.

Jacob ate a few strawberries. Jim devoured an apple and Gracie had two bananas (she must have known we had gotten a deal on them). I had a banana as well. Jim had an orange later (not as juicy as he was hoping) and Jacob and I had more strawberries when we got home and had lunch (very juicy and delicious).

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