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The Before Photo

There's a staff photo framed and hanging on the wall at work that I hate looking at. Usually I avoid going past it by cutting through the copy room. Most "before" photos don't bother me now - since I can see results already. But this one is just too much for me. It makes me sad for that person in the photo.

No, I'm not pregnant. This was taken in December of 2007 and my youngest child was about to turn three-years old. I've never shared this photo with any one before (besides co-workers who walk past it every day). I'm glad I'm doing it now. Now, I will choose to let go of the feelings that I have felt in the past when I look at it.

Here, I like this better:

By the way, I haven't posted my weight loss goals yet. The photo on the right shows me down 30 lbs. down. That's where I've been since around October 2009. But I have gained muscle and dropped dress sizes so most days I'm ok with the my progress on the scale.

I will lose at least 35 more pounds. I don't have an end date in mind. I'm good with my progress, although I'm ready to kick it up a notch. My biggest challenge is food. I know it's just a matter of tracking my Weight Watchers points so I'm doing that again and will see results.

Zumba Corner
Once I figure out how to design the template I want for my blog (anyone willing to do this for me) I want to include a Zumba Corner in the layout to post a short something or other from the previous nights Zumba class. It might be a review of a new routine, posting someone's Facebook status from class or just my reflections.

Today I am recognizing Beth and Shannon for filling the two vacant spots in the front row at last night's class. I know it wasn't super easy for either of them to take the spots but I'm super proud of them for doing it!

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